Environmental Responsibility

Who loves Earth?

That's right, we do. These days, green, sustainability and compliance are buzzwords that get a lot of ink and lip service. Strict compliance with legislation is serious business for us. A great deal of care and preparation goes into our rational use of reforestation resources for short, medium and long term sustainability.

Artefama is a leader in solid-pine wood furniture production. We aim to keep it that way by respecting the environment and the source of our creative materials. Thanks Earth! Therefore, we acquire wood from reforestation that complies with all environmental, economic and social requirements like these:

We absolutely under no circumstances:

  • Purchase illegal timber
  • Buy wood from forest areas where regular or civil rights are violated
  • Extract wood from forests where high conservation value is threatened
  • Buy wood from native forests that have been or are being converted to plantations or uses other than forest management
  • Buy wood from forests where genetically modified trees are planted

Check it out, our commitment is in ink below.

Policy of Purpose

At Artefama, we're continually evolving our processes to meet the expectations of the Earth and it's inhabitants. As loyal stewards of ecology, conservation and creativity, we maintain a vigilant watch over our procedures and values. Our commitment to you is simple: Create the best quality furnishings and value for your lifestyle and taste. Our commitment to our planet is even greater: Respect her at all cost and consistently reduce our footprint.

Artefama will foster an ethical and transparent enterprise through all production concerns. We will remain vigilant of our environmental impact and cultivate a culture of awareness. Artefama will regularly redefine process, reduce at every level and remain responsible to the laws of nature and mankind.